TEENLIFTING® of the face, double chin, and neck for men and women

TEENLIFTING is the electrical muscle stimulation of the face and neck. It is physical method applied in cosmetics with excellent results in rehabilitation and prophylaxis of joints, muscles, headaches, migraines, jaw bone regeneration, sinusitis, neuralgia, paralysis, Bell’s palsy (n. Facial) and myalgia. After treatment your face and neck are going to feel and look rejuvenated. TEENLIFTING® method rehabilitates, drains puffiness on your face and achieves a relaxed state without tension and stress.

Circular muscles of the eyes and mouth

Circular muscles of the eyes and mouth

Platysma muscle

Platysma muscle

Muscles around the face and neck

Muscles around the face and neck


TEENLIFTING of the face, double chin and neck:


  • Tightens the skin
  • Reduces wrinkles from forehead
  • Reduces wrinkles from around the eyes
  • Reduces wrinkles from around the lips
  • Performs Lymphatic drainage
  • Shapes the face
  • Is noninvasive rejuvenation
  • Is rejuvenation of face, chin, and neck
  • Is anti-aging treatment
  • Is non-surgical rejuvenation
  • Is electro stimulation of mimic muscles of the face and neck at the same time
  • Stimulates facial acupressure points
  • Exercises the facial muscles
  • Is facelifting
  • Is face fitness
  • Increases skin tone
  • Regenerates the tissue
  • Restores youthful facial expressions
  • Is for weight loss
  • Is detoxification of the tissue
  • Is anti-stress therapy

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Why is important simultaneous stimulation of all face and neck muscles?

The muscles are anatomically interconnected, therefore their synchronized contraction is important for achieving top results, reducing wrinkles around the face and a face-lift.


Why TEENLIFTING stimulates each muscle with 100% of muscle fibres, and not just a part of each muscle with 5-20% of muscle fibres as in conventional(classical) electrical stimulation?


Stimulation is more comfortable and we simultaneously achieve maximum results and wrinkle reduction. Partial stimulation (conventional electical stimulation) of the individual areas is too intensive for those areas, but at the same time too weak for the entire muscle or muscle group.

How is this accomplished?

Unique TEENLIFTING electrodes are designed for specific anatomical regions of muscle groups or for individual muscles.


Is there any difference between TEENLIFTING electrical stimulation and other electrical stimulations on the market?


There is. A distinction is made in the combination of exercises and trainings. There are different trainings for all the muscles of the face and neck. Every muscle has its initial strength (due to the intensity and character of facial expressions, age …), however, the anatomy itself and function of muscles requires a certain combination of training, which is common to all. eg. Muscle platysma, the circular muscles of eye and mouth are far weaker than the others mimic muscles and therefore combinations and adjustments are necessary for top performance and a facelift.

When should I start with TEENLIFTING stimulation?

For exercising muscles is never too early, nor too late. It is ideal to start before the 30’s because it is much better and healthier to keep firm and small shape of face, than letting it relax and expand (loose). The sooner you start, the faster are the results.

There is no upper age limit for TEENLIFTING stimulation.

When do I see the first results?

The first results are visible after the first treatment as a refreshed face.

With each subsequent workout better and more tangible results are achieved :

  • lifted forehead
  • lifted eyebrows and upper eyelids
  • reduced wrinkles around the eyes
  • shaped face
  • fuller and bowed lips
  • reduced wrinkles around the mouth (nasolabial wrinkles)
  • tightened double chin and neck
  • face lift


Most important is to take the first treatment in life as soon as possible. After the all-new experience, we will make a plan to train all muscles throughout the year.



Clients in the 50s and older can expect slower initial results, which depend on the elasticity of the skin, although that is not the rule.

The skin during TEENLIFTING’s can be treated and nurtured with all cosmetic treatments for the skin (RF, LPG, laser, IPL, AHA).

All treatments on the skin may possibly accelerate tangible results of a new form of muscles, but no treatment of the skin can shape a muscle.

If you do not treat your skin at all, it will be naturally “squeezed” and will adapt within a few days or months. The skin is renewed every day. A “complete” renewal of the skin lasts for 30 days in the 30s and extends with ageing up to 60 days in the 70’s. Therefore, the result is more noticeable a week after the last training.

How often do you need to maintain the muscles?

It is logical that the muscles should be maintained regularly in the best possible condition. More training leads to better results. However, in the case of small facial muscles, with rare treatments results are excellent. (For example, a long- time satisfied clients from other countries come three times per year and make 2-3 double treatments.)


What happens if we stop with TEENLIFTING stimulations?


If after some time you stop with training, the muscles retain its firmness and shape for a long time . As stimulation does not build muscles and does not increase their volume there is no appearance of “deteriorating” after training.

Impact of TEENLIFTING stimulation on the jaw joints and headache.

In front of both ears, we have two jaw joint (TMJ temporomandibular joints), which are connected to the lower jaw with the temporal bone. They are strengthed with tendons, ligaments and muscles that are responsible for running the joint.

One of the disorders of TMJ is muscle tension, spasms of only certain jaw muscles, caused by psychological component-stress. One of the symptoms of such spasms is a headache, which does not respond to conventional treatments. A headache occurs in the morning (after a night of intense muscle spasms in his sleep) or after stressful situations during the day.

TEENLIFTING rehabilitates pain and headache, exercises all the muscles, “breaks” spasms and pain of certain muscles, increases blood flow and circulation of the muscles, skin and bones of the jaw.


Impact of TEENLIFTING on restoration of the bone of the jaw and face.


The composition and metabolic balance of the bone depend on the activity of the muscles, the point of maximum pressure and tendon insertions to the bone. Muscle activity slows down the process of osteoporosis by constant stimulation of bone on its creation (of which the bone regeneration physiologically depend).

At the younger age, muscular activity increases “underlying principal amount of bones”, which are crucial for processes of osteoporosis and osteopenia. As the “principal” is greater, the “rest” of the bones are larger. Progressive bone loss begins at the age older than 30 years, so that bone mass in this age is of decisive importance for the bone mass when we age.

Intensive postmenopausal osteoporosis occurs at women 15 to 20 years after menopause.

For this reason, TEENLIFTING becomes one of the key treatments for osteoporosis prevention and rehabilitation of bones of the jaw and face.

 Contraindications for TEENLIFTING are: Pace maker, Epilepsy, Pregnancy, Operations.

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